Navigate the global semiconductor investment landscape with a unique lens provided by an Asian investor. Gain exclusive insights into the intricate global supply chain, competitive landscapes, and emerging trends shaping the semiconductor industry.

Who am I?

Based in Asia, I started my investment journey as a generalist investor in 2011. Currently, I am a full-time investor who focuses on Asian semiconductor stocks. Over time, I realised that there is a competitive edge when one has a complete picture of the supply chain and competitive dynamics of the semiconductor industry

  • The biggest foundry and memory producers are based in Asia

  • The assembly of smartphone, PC and servers are done in Asia

  • Equipment companies are based in US, Europe and Japan

  • Most of the top fabless, IP and EDA companies are based in US

  • The emergence of fabless, IDMs, foundry and equipment companies in China who could either gain market share or flood the world with supply

Exploring the intricate web of the semiconductor industry unveils the interconnectedness of global supply chains. Join me to understand more about the implications from the Asian supply chain.

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Dive into the global semiconductor investment landscape with a unique lens provided by an Asian investor


Full-time investor of semiconductor stocks in Asia. I am also deeply intrigued by the global semiconductor landscape. Hope to integrate insights from both the West and East to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry's competitive dynamics